The U.S. and its allies are reportedly moving to expose cases of North Korean violations of UN Security Council sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear and missile programs.

CNN on Wednesday quoted two defense officials as saying that the U.S. and its allies are days away from launching a new effort to more publicly expose North Korean violations of sanctions.

The report said the plan to "name and shame" Pyongyang comes as negotiations over North Korea's nuclear program appear to have reached a standstill and President Donald Trump has raised the possibility of a second summit with leader Kim Jong-un.

CNN said the U.S. has deployed aircraft and surface vessels to detect and disrupt the North's violations, but has not been very public about its actions until now, partly to avoid irritating Pyongyang in the midst of negotiations over its nuclear program.

But the U.S., Japan, Australia and New Zealand are reportedly moving to make announcements about their own monitoring and surveillance as part of the effort to disrupt illicit North Korean smuggling. It added Canada, France, South Korea and Britain are also involved in coordinating these efforts.

[Photo : YONHAP News]