Military investigators looking into a martial law document created by the disbanded Defense Security Command have allegedly secured evidence that the former head of the National Security Office, Kim Kwan-jin, ordered a review of martial law several months before the document was drafted. 

An official of the special investigative unit under the Defense Ministry revealed on Friday that a field-grade officer who was working at the NSO in October 2016 gave testimony implicating Kim.

The officer was quoted as saying that Kim instructed officials to find out how to keep martial law in place even if parliament voted to lift the measure. The officer also claimed Kim gave instructions to find out whether it was possible to appoint the Army Chief of Staff as a martial law commander. 

The officer was said to have reported research results back to Kim. Military investigators are also known to have raided the officer’s office and secured related information. 

A joint military-civilian team is investigating whether Kim’s alleged instructions were related with a February 2017 document concerning the Defense Security Command(DSC)’s plan to review martial law, amid nationwide protests against former President Park Geun-hye.