Typhoon Kong-Rey, initially thought to head towards Japan, is now also expected to affect South Korea. 

The Korea Meteorological Administration said Tuesday that as of 9 a.m., Kong-Rey was moving north-westwards at a speed of 20 kilometers an hour in waters one-thousand-80 kilometers southeast of Okinawa, Japan. 

The typhoon, which took shape near Guam three days ago, is forecast to advance northwest but turn northeast in waters near China after Saturday.

The weather agency said that Kong-Rey will reach waters 100 kilometers south of Jeju Island at around 9 a.m. Sunday. 

It projected that the tropical storm will bring strong winds to the southern region of the nation. The KMA said that the degree of the typhoon's influence on the central area will depend on how far it will move northwards.

[Photo : YONHAP News]