Anchor: Weather officials say typhoon Kong-Rey is rapidly moving northward, raising concerns about the damage it could cause South Korea. 
Our Bae Joo-yon reports. 

Report: The Korea Meteorological Administration advised  Kong-Rey is moving northwest at 18 kilometers per hour from waters off Okinawa as of Wednesday morning. 

That makes it likely to reach Jeju Island and other southern Korean regions this weekend, where authorities are calling for thorough preparations.

Most of the typhoon's impact is expected on Saturday.
Forecasters anticipate maximum wind speeds of 180 kilometers per hour, with the storm losing strength after it impacts the nation’s southern coast.  

Most of the nation is expected to get typhoon-related rain throughout the weekend. 

Kong-Rey is the 25th typhoon of the year.  It's named after a mountain in Cambodia.  
Bae Joo-yon, KBS World Radio News.

[Photo : KBS WORLD Radio]