A four-way semi-official meeting among the two Koreas, the U.S. and China is under way in Finland to discuss measures to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and establish a peace regime.
The rare “one-point-five” track meeting, which kicked off with a dinner on Wednesday will be held for three days. 

The secretive meeting organized by the Stockholm-based Institute for Security and Development Policy is reportedly being held at an unknown government building on the outskirts of Helsinki.  

Four or five scholars and government officials are attending the talks as members of the South Korean delegation, which is being led by Seoul National University Professor Lee Keun.
North Korean delegates reportedly include Kim Yong-kuk, the chief of the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s Institute of Disarmament and Peace, who called for declaring a formal end to the Korean War in an article posted on the ministry’s Web site last month.

[Photo : KBS News]