The number of high-priced apartment complexes where individual units have been sold at over one billion won has surpassed one thousand nationwide amid the recent sharp increase in apartment prices.

According to data from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea Appraisal Board on Thursday, there were one-thousand-26 apartment complexes across the country that included a portion of units sold at a price tag of over one billion won as of July. This compares to just 426 complexes in 2013.

By region, the majority of the complexes are located in the capital Seoul at 856, up from 376 five years ago.

Gyeonggi Province also reported a sharp jump from 28 to 112 this year.

The number of apartments costing over one billion won has also increased in Gyeonggi Province cities such as Gwacheon and Seongnam.

[Photo : KBS News]