South Korea is set to send the antiviral drug Tamiflu to North Korea as early as this week as part of an inter-Korean cooperation project on influenza prevention.

According to Seoul’s Unification Ministry, the government’s consultative meeting on inter-Korean exchange and cooperation approved the plan on Tuesday. 

Under the plan, three-point-56 billion won of the inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Fund will be spent to cover the costs of purchasing Tamiflu for 200-thousand North Koreans and transporting them to the North. 

A ministry official told reporters the flu medicine will be handed over to North Korea once the two Koreas conclude related discussions. 

Around 50-thousand rapid testing kits for flu donated by the private sector in the South will also be supplied to North Korea. 

The official said the government decided to provide medicines for 200-thousand people based on the North’s reports that some 300-thousand North Koreans developed flu-like symptoms between late 2017 and early last year, and that half of them were confirmed to have caught the flu.

[Photo : KBS News]