The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs held a government-wide meeting Saturday and discussed restoration measures to address agricultural damage expected to be inflicted by Typhoon Lingling after it passes through the Korean Peninsula.

During the meeting with related agencies chaired by Minister Kim Hyeon-soo, the ministry decided to provide available support for farmers possibly before the Chuseok holiday starting Thursday.

Preemptive support measures are under review to help stabilize conditions in farming areas where the typhoon may wreak havoc.

Damaged crops will be sought for an early harvest and disease and pest control will also be carried out to prevent secondary damage.

Medicine, nutritional supplements and other materials and equipment farms may need will be provided by local agricultural cooperatives from their reserve stockpiles.

Workforce necessary for restoration operations will also be swiftly supplied in cooperation with the cooperatives, provincial governments and military units.

A ministry official said that disaster insurance, financial aid and other resources and support measures will be quickly executed so that farmers affected by the typhoon can spend the Chuseok holiday relieved of any worries.

[Photo : YONHAP News]