A new survey shows that many South Koreans have given up their plans to travel to Japan following Tokyo's trade restrictions on Seoul. 

According to the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute on Wednesday, over 69 percent of the South Koreans who planned a trip to Japan cancelled and changed their destinations after Tokyo announced a series of measures to curb its exports to Seoul. 

Over 90 percent of those who did so cited worsening relations between Seoul and Tokyo as reasons for their cancellations.

Among those who ditched their plans to travel to Japan, about 43 percent chose local regions as alternative destinations, such as Jeju, Gangwon Province and Busan. 

Nearly 40 percent said they chose another foreign country over Japan, including places like Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

The survey was conducted online and polled around one-thousand-300 people between August 23rd and September second. Nearly 535 of the respondents said they had planned to travel to Japan.