Wild boars found dead near the inter-Korean border tested positive for African swine fever(ASF), bringing the number of such cases to 22 in South Korea.

The National Institute of Environmental Research under the Environment Ministry said on Thursday that the two carcasses, found in Cheorwon and Paju in Gyeonggi Province the previous day, tested positive for the deadly animal disease. 

An official at the institute said the two cases were both found inside the Civilian Control Line near the border with North Korea. 

With the confirmations, eight ASF cases have been confirmed in dead wild boars in Cheorwon and six in Paju.  

South Korea has confirmed 14 cases of ASF at local farms since September 17 when the country confirmed its first case of the deadly animal disease at a pig farm near the border with North Korea.

No additional cases of ASF have been confirmed at local farms since October ninth, but there have been continued cases of wild boars with the disease in border areas.

There is at present no vaccine or known cure for ASF. Though the disease is not harmful to humans, the fatality rate is close to 100 percent for pigs.