A latest study has found more than two-thousand student athletes in South Korea's elementary, middle and high schools have experienced sexual violence.

The National Human Rights Commission on Thursday released results from a survey of some 63-thousand student athletes in nearly five-thousand-300 schools nationwide between July and September.

Of the 57-thousand-557 who responded, three-point-eight percent or over two-thousand-200 students replied that they have been victims of sexual violence.

Fifteen-point-seven percent or around nine-thousand said they were verbally abused, while 14-point-seven percent or eight-thousand said they have experienced physical abuse.

Coaches and senior athletes were the most cited perpetrators, while many of the victims did not report the abuse to authorities, with some even thinking that they should train harder after the abuse.

The study assessed that despite student athletes being exposed to various forms of violence and the denial of their rights, public systems of redress are utterly failing.

The Commission highlighted the need to reinforce mechanisms to protect students from violence and to abolish camp training.

[Photo : YONHAP News]