A wild boar caught last week near the border with North Korea has tested positive for African swine fever (ASF), bringing the number of confirmed ASF cases to 33 in South Korea.
The wild boar was caught by a joint team of soldiers and civilian hunters at a farmland about one kilometer from the Southern Limit Line of the demilitarized zone in Yeoncheon County, Gyeonggi Province on Wednesday. The county took quarantine measures and buried the carcass the next day.
The National Institute of Environmental Research on Saturday confirmed the wild boar tested positive for the deadly animal virus and notified the result to related authorities.
The latest case marks the ninth ASF in Yeoncheon and 33rd in the country since the first case was confirmed at a pig farm in a border area on September 17.
The animal disease does not affect humans but is deadly to pigs. There is currently no vaccine nor cure for the disease.

[Photo : Getty Images Bank]