The president of the Korean Broadcasting System(KBS) has apologized to the public over recent controversies surrounding the major South Korean broadcaster and pledged efforts to take a new leap forward.

Yang Sung-dong held a news conference on Monday to mark his first year in office and talked about pending issues KBS is facing, such as the best way to collect broadcast license fees. 

He first issued an apology regarding a public petition that has drawn support from over 200-thousand citizens, calling for a separate collection of the TV license fee, which is currently  charged together with the electricity bill.

Yang was averse to raising the issue of increasing KBS's license fees to a realistic level as of yet, saying the company first needs to improve its credibility and influence.

He added that over the long term, after public trust in KBS is restored, hopefully viewers will be interested in the task of raising the license fee level, which has been frozen for 39 years.

License fees go toward funding the operation of public broadcasters.

[Photo : YONHAP News]