Education authorities have confirmed that the results of last month's nationwide college entrance exam were accessible online before their official release this week due to an online loophole.

Song Geun-hyun, a director at the Education Ministry who handles college entrance policies, made the revelation on Monday hours after a photo appearing to show test scores was posted to an online community of test-takers the previous night.

The poster claimed to have viewed and printed his or her College Scholastic Ability Test(CSAT) results and explained how one may do the same by using a simple program. The post was deleted after some 25 minutes after spreading rapidly online and stirring controversy.
The ministry said that it identified and closed a loophole in the online system that allowed repeat CSAT takers to view their most recent scores.

The ministry added that no personal information has been compromised.
Despite the controversy, the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation plans to release full CSAT test results on Wednesday as scheduled.

[Photo : YONHAP News]