Gasoline prices nationwide have risen for eight straight weeks while the price of diesel is up for the seventh week.
According to Opinet, an oil price information website run by the Korea National Oil Corporation, the national average price of regular gasoline rose six-point-four won to just over one-thousand-565 won per liter in the second week of January.
Cost of diesel rose four-point-six won to top one-thousand-396 won per liter.
Gas prices had fallen eight-point-nine won over a six week period in October and November before rising 30-point-seven won during eight weeks since the third week of November.
As global oil prices also continue to rise, the Dubai crude which South Korea mainly imports gained a dollar 20 cents this week to 68-point-four dollars per barrel.
The Korea National Oil Corporation said global prices are up amid rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran and a suspected oil output decrease by OPEC in December.

[Photo : KBS News]