Impeached ex-President Park Geun-hye was arrested on Friday over her alleged ties to a massive influence-peddling scandal.

Hours after reviewing the prosecution’s request to detain Park, the Seoul Central District Court issued an arrest warrant, acknowledging the possibility that she will destroy evidence or flee.

The issuing of an arrest warrant for the ex-president came nine days after the prosecution interrogated her over 13 charges she is facing over the scandal involving her longtime confidante Choi Soon-sil.

Within two hours after the court issued the warrant, Park was placed behind bars at the Seoul Detention Center.

Park is the third former South Korean president to be arrested over corruption charges.

On Thursday, Park attended the court review of her arrest warrant, which lasted for eight hours and 40 minutes, the longest time a court spent to review a single arrest request since the review system was established in 1997.

The former president took the same steps as any ordinary criminal suspect when she entered the Seoul Detention Center on Friday, first stating her name and resident registration number to prison guards and undergoing a medical checkup.

She changed into a prison uniform with her prisoner number and had her picture taken next to a height chart while holding her name card.

Park was then escorted to her cell carrying a toilet kit and a blanket. The ex-president will be provided the basic meal given out in the detention center, which is equivalent to food worth some one thousand four hundred won or one-point-two U.S. dollars.

Park can meet with her lawyers as many times as she likes a day between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. at a special reception room that does not have facilities blocking contact between inmates and visitors.

Other than lawyers, Park can also receive visits from family members or aides, but that contact is only allowed once a day and can’t last more than ten minutes.

Her long-time confidante, Choi, has also been incarcerated at the Seoul Detention Center, but she and Park will be banned from meeting or corresponding with each other at the facility.

In seeking a warrant, the prosecution argued that Park and Choi colluded to arrange Samsung Group’s bribes of over 43 billion won to projects that were under Choi’s control for the conglomerate heir's ownership succession.

Park is also accused of either instructing her officials to leak classified documents to Choi, or failing to properly handle such information.

The former president has also been named as an accomplice in blacklisting artists deemed critical of her administration.