South Korean civic groups and history-related organizations are protesting Chinese President Xi Jinping for a statement he allegedly made saying Korea used to be part of China. 

Kookhakwon and other civic associations held a rally outside the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul on Friday and denounced what they called President Xi Jinping's "ludicrous" remark.

Kim Yoo-gyeong, joint chief of Kookhakwon's Seoul office, said Xi's remark comes after the Chinese government distorted history and completely ignored the Korean people's legitimacy in a state-led history research project back in 2002. Kim called for international sanctions against historical fabrication that is senseless and unethical.

President Lee Seong-min of a group called the "Gukhak Civil Coalition" demanded an apology from the Chinese leader for distorting history and a promise to prevent it from happening again.

U.S. President Donald Trump indicated President Xi made the remark during their summit this month in the U.S. state of Florida.