The government said the United States THAAD antimissile system deployed in Seongju, Gyeongsang Province will not cause any adverse effects on the health of local people and the local environment.

The Defense and Environment Ministries on Saturday conducted a joint environmental survey of electromagnetic radiation and noise from the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system in Seongju.

The defense ministry said that the radiation level from the radar was measured at point-000886 watt per square meter and the momentary maximum was point-04634, both far below the regulatory standard of ten.

The noise level was also measured at around 50 decibels, which is the regulatory standard in residential areas. The ministry said the noise will effectively have no impact on the local community.

However, local residents and civic groups against the THAAD deployment said they cannot accept the survey results, saying that the government conducted the survey unilaterally without including civilian experts recommended by the residents.