The U.S. Department of Defense said Thursday that the date for the South Korea-U.S. joint military exercise hasn't been fixed. 

South Korean and U.S. leaders earlier agreed to postpone the joint drill until after the PyeongChang Olympics.

In a briefing Thursday, Pentagon chief spokesperson Dana White was asked about when the drills will resume. She said it will be after the Olympics but a date isn't known, saying those matters are not known in advance. 

Joint Staff Director Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie who was also present at the briefing said he will not use the term "delay."

He said South Korea and the U.S. have chosen to deconflict and adjust the timing of some of those activities because of the Olympics and the Paralympics.

He said it was an adjustment due to an important event on the Korean Peninsula and the exercise will resume.

Spokeswoman White said the department has deconflicted the exercise but maintains a "full arsenal of options for the president."