Anchor: Police have launched an official investigation into the younger daughter of Korean Air’s owner who faces allegations of abusing her power by throwing water at an advertising agency employee. In a separate move, the government plans to probe suspicions surrounding Cho Hyun-min’s previous role as a registered executive member of Jin Air. 
Our Bae Joo-yon has more. 

Report: Police of Gangseo district in Seoul on Tuesday launched an official probe on Cho Hyun-min, an executive at the nation’s largest air carrier and head of the company's advertisement projects. She is also the second daughter of Hanjin Group Chairman and Korean Air owner Cho Yang-ho.

The police said they reached the decision after securing testimony that Cho threw water at a manager of an ad agency in a meeting last month. They also requested a travel ban for Cho.

Korean Air earlier said that Cho had thrown a cup toward the floor but never threw water at the staffer’s face. 

If Cho is confirmed to have thrown water at the employee’s face, she will likely face assault charges. 

In the wake of the latest controversy, Korean Air temporarily suspended Cho from her official duties.

The nation's largest air carrier said in a press release on Monday that Cho will be on administrative leave until police announce the result of their ongoing investigation.

Cho's lawyer said she will actively cooperate with the police investigation. 

In a separate move, the government will launch an investigation into allegations that Cho illegally served as a registered executive member of the flag carrier's affiliate, Jin Air. 

Under the nation's air transport business and aviation safety laws, a person who is not a Korean citizen cannot become a registered executive at a national airline. 

Cho, who is a U.S. citizen, was found to have served as a registered executive of Jin Air for six years from March 2010 under her American name, Cho Emily Lee.

An official at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said on Tuesday that the ministry plans to make a formal request to Korean Air and Jin Air to clarify the allegations. 

Cho stepped down from the post in question in 2016. She is currently serving as vice president of Jin Air.
Bae Joo-yon, KBS World Radio News.