South Korea's Foreign Ministry says it will closely cooperate with the U.S. to direct all efforts towards achieving denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, based on what was agreed at the recent inter-Korean summit.

That was the response from ministry spokesperson Noh Kyu-duk on Thursday, when asked how Seoul plans to mediate between Pyongyang and Washington as they have different views on the denuclearization process.

As for China, the spokesperson said Seoul is cooperating with Beijing at every level, in order for Beijing to continue its constructive role on issues concerning the Korean Peninsula.

On Wednesday, Pyongyang threatened to cancel the June 12th Singapore meeting between the leaders of North Korea and the U.S., saying it is not interested in any talks in which it is coerced into giving up its nuclear arsenal.

Noh added that despite Pyongyang's cancellation of an inter-Korean meeting this week, Seoul is expected to send on Thursday, a list of South Korean media delegation that will cover the North's dismantlement of nuclear facilities later this month.