President Moon Jae-in says that he will never be content or complacent with the overwhelming victory of the ruling party in Wednesday’s local and by-elections.  

According to presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom in a news briefing on Thursday, the president pledged to renew his determination and work harder in return for the support voters showed during the local elections. 

Moon thanked voters for lending huge support to the government, noting the turnout of 60-point-two percent, the second highest ever recorded for local elections. 

The ruling Democratic party swept the local elections by clinching 14 of 17 governor or mayoral posts. It also won 151 out of 226 constituencies for local governments at smaller levels. 

In the parliamentary by-election, the ruling party secured eleven of the 12 vacated seats. 

The president said he knows well that the people are not satisfied with all the government is doing, adding that he is even more grateful that voters showed support and trust despite some disappointment they might have felt.