The parliament failed to adopt reports on the confirmation hearings of Constitutional Court justice nominees.  

The Legislation and Judiciary Committee was to convene Friday to discuss whether to adopt the reports on Lee Seok-tae and Lee Eun-ae, but the meeting did not take place amid partisan differences.

Ruling Democratic Party lawmaker Song Ki-hun, a senior member of the judiciary committee, held a news conference and criticized the main opposition Liberty Korea Party(LKP) for its political offensive. 

He said the LKP refuses to even show up for the meeting taking issue with the nominees, arguing that Lee Seok-tae's political neutrality is problematic and Lee Eun-ae is unfit for the job.

Song said there has never been a case where a confirmation hearing report was not adopted for Supreme Court justice nominees and warned of setting a bad precedent.

He said his party will do its best to hold talks with the opposition but noted that it's legally possible to appoint the nominees without adopting confirmation hearing reports.

Lawmaker Kim Do-eup who represents the LKP on the judiciary committee has expressed the stance that it is not right to adopt a report on the two nominees as they fail to meet the criteria that President Moon Jae-in presented for appointing ranking public officials.