Host: Henry Shinn

Henry Shinn is an award-winning journalist, editor and broadcast personality who has hosted various successful current affairs programs on TV and radio.

During his career, he has covered major political, economic and diplomatic stories as well as various other newsworthy topics in and around Korea. Prior to joining KBS, he served as a Senior Editor and News Analyst at the Korea Herald, where he was awarded the 2008 Journalism Prize for researching and analyzing the U.S. beef protests and Dokdo territorial dispute.

He was also a Senior Editor and news anchor for Channel NewsAsia, where he was part of top-rated, primetime news programs that aired throughout Asia and beyond including Singapore, the Philippines, China, U.S.A., and Europe.

He has moderated major international conferences and regularly liaised with prominent think tanks, such as KDI, Brookings Institution and Heritage Foundation.

Mr. Shinn earned a B.A. from UCLA with a major in Political Science.