[MON] Journey Across Music (JAM)
Let’s take a journey across music by jamming out some music from our feature artist of the week. We’ll also recommend some similar songs you might love as well! 

[TUE] Life in Lyrics
Ever listened to a song and thought “this was exactly what I went through”? No surprise there—many lyricists often say a major inspiration for the lyrics is life experiences. On this weekly segment, we bring the K-pop lyrics to life with just a bit of our imagination!

[WED] Test Your K-Pop!
Can you guess a song by listening to just a snippet of the track? Or how well do you know Korean popular culture? Play along as our DJs and guests put their knowledge to the test.

[THU] K-POPcorn
Are you still undecided on whether to watch newly released movies? Let’s take a look at some reviews by people who HAVE and decide if it’s worth the trip to the movies. Will the reviews persuade the DJs, Robert ... and YOU?

[FRI] Newsday Friday 
Lina Kwon joins us for a roundup of the week's K-entertainment news.