[MON] Peter Meter
Peter shares his thoughts on artists that are on his radar for the week. How will they rate on the Peter Meter?

[TUE] The Life of KPC
Hi. I’m Kay P. Choi. KPC for short. Follow me as I try to navigate my way through life. Ever had a particular song play in your head during certain situations? I do. All the time. Let me share them with you…

[WED] Test Your K-pop!
Can you guess which K-pop artist or song they’re thinking of by asking 20 questions or less? Can you guess a song by listening to just a snippet of the track? Play along as our MCs and guests put their K-pop knowledge to the test!

[THU] Will you watch it?! K-POPcorn
 Are you still undecided on whether to watch newly-released movies? Let’s take a look at some reviews by people who HAVE and decide if it’s worth the trip to the movies. Will the reviews persuade Angie, Peter...and YOU?

[FRI] Newsday Friday 
A roundup of the week’s K-entertainment news.